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  • Al-Salam School

    Education is every Child's Right. 

    Syrian Sunrise Foundation is helping to sponsor the largest school in Southern Turkey for Syrian Refugees!
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  • Achievements at a Glance

    A glimpse of what Syrian Sunrise Foundation has achieved with your generous Donation:

    • Healthcare:Operating 5 field hospitals and 17 advanced medical points to treat the wounded.
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  • Monthly Food Aid Distribution Reaching Thousands of Displaced Families

    As the leading humanitarian provider in Syria, Syrian Sunrise Foundation (SSF) works diligently and passionately to administer a diverse array of programs and distribute aid accordingly.

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  • Syria: A Higher Priority!

    Ramadan Appeal Aiming to Support Over 40,000 More Syrian Families.

    Within the past 2 years, hundreds of volunteer Syrian Sunrise Foundation humanitarian heroes have directly supported over 280,000 displaced in and around Syria.

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  • Field Hospitals and Trauma Centers Serving Thousands Daily

    With the help and support of our donors, SSF has established a total of 31 trauma care facilities in two areas of Syria. The first area is Houla which consists of three villages located in the Homs Governorate of Central Syria, northwest of the city of Homs with a population of roughly 90,000. 

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  • 140,000 Syrians Killed
  • 9.3 Million in Need of Immediate Assistance
  • 6.5 Million Internally Displaced Persons
  • 2.3 Million Refugees in Neighboring Countries
  • Over 4 Million Face Food Insecurity
  • 1.2 Million Homes Destroyed or Damaged
  • 60% Hospitals Nonfunctional
  • 78% Ambulances Damaged
  • 53% Physicians Left Country
  • 80% of Refugees not in Camps
  • 3,000 Schools Destroyed or Damaged
  • 90% of Displaced Children Dropped out of School


What Your donation CAN DO

  • your $5000 establishes a field clinic
  • your $1000 stocks a clinic
  • your $500 delivers vital medicines for 50 patients
  • your $250 buys 10 children schoolbooks
  • your $200 supports a displaced family for a month
  • your $120 feeds a family with essentials for a month
  • your $100 supports a widow for a month
  • your $50 sponsors an orphan for a month


Won’t You Please Rush to the Aid of the Suffering Innocents of Syria?

You can make a real difference in the lives of thousands of desperate families. Right now, hundreds of volunteer Syrian Sunrise Foundation humanitarian heroes are directly feeding, housing, and healing displaced families in and around Syria.

Please help with whatever you can, knowing your gift goes straight to these orphaned, widowed, homeless, sick and injured. At least 96¢ out of every dollar you give reaches a Syrian victim of this inhuman destruction.We reach major Syrian cities and suburbs, and refugees in Turkey, Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon. Give a gift of Zakat or Sadaqah to help the desperate with shelter, food, water, and medicine. Please explore what programs we have and where we work using the interactive map below.

For Zakat Eligible Programs & Zakat Calculator Click Here

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