When peaceful demonstrations started, in March of 2011, to request freedom, the regime’s military forces have been treating the Syrians with utter brutality and violence. Now, over two years later, the country and its whole population are in total devastation. According to UN, 6.8 million need immediate assistance inside Syria. The number of refugees in neighboring countries is expected to increase from 1.6 to 3.5 million by end of 2013. As a result of the severity of the crisis, the UN has launched the largest ever appeal for aid in its history.

Whole cities and villages have been leveled to the ground; infrastructure has been demolished; families are displaced; and orphans and widows are now left alone and without the necessary supplies needed to survive.

Seeing this, Syrian Sunrise Foundation (SSF) was born in 2011 with a solid commitment to send aid to families, orphans, and widows affected by the conflict. We, at Syrian Sunrise Foundation (SSF), have been there on the ground since a few months into the conflict, and through our well-established humanitarian network of hundreds of workers -mostly volunteers- we have been delivering and continue to deliver various types of aid throughout Syria and bordering countries.

Syrian Sunrise Foundation seeks to establish its goal by concentrating its efforts on both short-term and long-term projects. Our short-term efforts consist of providing Emergency and livelihood necessities for Syrians- internally displaced and refugees. Long-term projects include provision for infrastructure projects and developmental programs to rebuild Syria in the areas of Healthcare, Education, and Human Development.

Syrian Sunrise Foundation operates independent of any political, religious, or any other agenda, Syrian Sunrise Foundation is 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization. All the donations are tax deductible; Tax ID is: 45-3956321.

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