Family Sponsorship: $200 per month

Many of those who have died during the tragic humanitarian crisis this past year have left behind helpless families who were entirely dependent on them. In this way, families must cope with both the pain of losing a loved one and a lack of basic human necessities.

SSF offers the opportunity to help by reaching out directly to affected families through the “Family Sponsorship Fund” program. Children are desperate for food, water, clothes, and medication. Many of these families avoid asking for help in fear of hurting their pride, so unless aid organizations reach out to them, their dire situation will worsen. This is an ongoing program that provides monthly food and necessities, new clothes every 6 months, and partial rental support as needed. Donate here to support a family in need.


Widow Sponsorship: $100 per month

The Syrian conflict over the past two years has left thousands of women in Syria without fathers, brothers, or husbands. Many of the women are not raised with an education or a means to support themselves. These women are now left alone without any aid or protection. Without any resources, these daughters, sisters, and widows don’t stand much of a chance to survive.

This ‘Widow Sponsorship Fund’ is one of SSF’s ongoing programs and provides widows with food, clothes, and other necessities on a monthly basis. It is our responsibility to help these sisters in need. For what the cost of a daily cup of coffee, you can help a widow in need. You can help us bring them food, and provide them shelter so that they may get back on their feet and learn to provide for and protect themselves.

Donate here to support a widow or more.


Orphan Sponsorship: $50 per month

While the world watches and waits to see the outcome of the Syrian conflict, the orphans in Syria are losing their battle with malnutrition, diseases, and lack of education. Children are desperate for food, water, clothes, and medication.

For less than $2 a day, we can make sure that they have enough food to survive. We can make sure they have clean water that won’t make them sick and access to urgently needed medical care. If you want to help these orphans feel like kids again, if you want them to feel safe, and if you want to give them hope that the world is a better place, then donate today. The ‘Orphan Sponsorship Fund’ helps ensure that they are given the opportunity, at the very minimum, to survive. This is an ongoing, monthly program that provides orphans with personal daily needs, clothes, and education materials.
Donate here to support an orphan or more


How Do Sponsorship Programs Work?

We have created various ‘sponsorship funds’ that provide families, widows, and orphans with monthly support, in most cases, for a full year. The food, money, and shelter are provided by relief workers who are on the ground in Syria, not by any other third party. We have volunteers and employees in Syria that make sure that the funds are being appropriately delivered to those who need it most.

At this time, we can’t provide you with full names or photos of your sponsored families, widows or orphans due to the fact that refugees and displaced people keep moving and many recipients don’t like their names to be disclosed. However, we can assure you that your donations to these funds will be spent on families, widows, and orphans who are in desperate need for help.

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